As most of you know I have Crohn’s disease. When I found out a few year back, I did a lot of research on the disease and was proactive in finding out about treatments and medicines. This was quite helpful in dealing with the disease. It let me accept it and move on to what I could do about it. Once things calmed down I was able to get back to enjoying my family and friends again. I also (thanks to Lynn) became a little more active and participated in a few of the ccfa.org “Guts for Glory” walks to help raise money for research.

Recently, “Hello Lady” (aka my Mom – inside joke) forwarded a link to to me of a funny and interesting blog that someone with Crohn’s Disease has been writing. Now, I have been thinking about doing this myself for some time now, but just have not had the time. Well… with this kick-butt blogging tool by WordPress.org, it is a lot easier than one would think. So, I figured it is time to start sharing my experiences, the interesting information I have found and try to act as a pseudo-resource for others with Crohn’s.

It has been an interesting journey so far and there have been a lot of good (and gross – thanks Ken and Kier) jokes along the way. Hopefully this will have a positive impact and help others with Crohn’s as well as myself.

Enjoy and feel free to comment as you wish.


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  1. Ben

    Hello Ben

    I found your blog very interesting and funny. Lots of really good stuff on here

    I have just set up my own blog, mostly talking about Infliximab.

    Im looking to bring other people with Crohns to my site and comment and get involved with any discussions. Leaving their feedback, stories etc. I wonder if I could link your site and mine. Hopefully sending traffic each others way.

    I know this sounds cheeky.

    Check out meandmycrohns.co.uk



  2. Terr Kirby Erickson

    Hi Ben!

    Great blog… I just want to tell you about an article I wrote for a wonderful magazine called PainPathways. The article is called, “Only Part of My Story: Crohn’s Disease.” It was a tough story to write, but I tried to make it uplifting–to show that you can still live your dreams, even with a chronic illness. The article is in the March/Spring issue of the magazine, which supposedly comes out on March 16, 2010. You can find it at Barnes & Nobles and at B. Dalton’s all over the country, and also in doctors’ offices. The PP website is: http://www.painpathway.org. I wish you all the best, Terri Kirby Erickson, NC

  3. Terr Kirby Erickson

    Sorry–that is http://www.painpathways.com!

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