Tips for sleeping with Crohn’s Night Sweats

A while back I bought a “Chillow” to insert into my pillow and I have to say that I like it a lot. It does what it is supposed to do, but it is difficult to keep it in place. (I tend to mash my pillow up when trying to get comfortable)

While the Chillow works fairly well, I stumbled across this wikihow entry about sleeping comfortably on a hot night – and it certainly applies to folks that suffer from Crohn’s night sweats and feverish sleep like I do.

Good luck sleeping!


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  1. Ben

    Some good tips. But I find having a really hot shower just before I go to bed helps. I guess its a bit like an all over body sweat; dissipating heat quite well. Then Sleeping in just my underwear, trying not to move too much. Basically I find lying in a star shape helps (much to the annoyance of my wife). Obviously having the window open with a fan circulating the air.

    When I was in hospital suffering a flare up in mid summer, I had a fan directed at me at all times. I couldnt sleep in my underwear as I didnt feel comfortable with all the patients and nurses looking at my semi naked body while I slept! The waterproof matress and pillow dont help either. Often making me more hot than I would be at home as they dont allow the air to circulate

    Ben –

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