Sorry folks, I have been incommunicado due to the holidays and fighting the eventual  outcome of them. It seems this time of year is pretty hard on folks with Crohn’s Disease. With the holidays, increased stress, large family meals, lots of sweets… all things that are tough on a person with Crohn’s by themselves, and a recipe for disaster when all combined. Well, I am not immune to these things (nor can I resist chocolate) and have paid the price. I went to the doctor today and not only did I have blood work taken, but I was also told to go see an ophthalmologist. (I think I may be suffering from Iritis) Pending the results of the blood work, I may (or may not – hopefully) need to change my medication somewhat.  Only a week and a half until my next infusion… hopefully I can stick it out until then and get things back in balance.

To all of you other Crohnies out there… (as my grandmother used to say) “Hang by yer thumbs”


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  1. Mom

    Here’s where it comes from………”This is Ray Goulding reminding you to write if you get work.” “This is Bob Elliott reminding you to hang by your thumbs.”
    We were BIG Bob & Ray fans.
    Hope you’re feeling better SOON.

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