November 2007

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Do my kids have Crohn’s Disease?

Do my kids have Crohn’s Disease? I wonder this on occasion and I sure as heck hope not. Sometimes they have the usual kids illnesses which can on occasion also include diarrhea. (especially due to the drugs prescribed) During those bouts I can’t help but wonder if they too have this sneaky and disheartening disease. […]

Post-basketball Crohn’s soreness

Well, my writhing intestines calmed down shortly before basketball. Unfortunately I was still a bit crampy and had no energy what so ever at basketball. I also had a harder time than usual catching my breath. I did not play very well, but it was a good workout anyhow. While I am in one of […]

Writhing Intestines

“Cheese and Rice!!!” (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) I can feel my intestines writhing around today! Not good! I am counting the days until my next Remicade infusion. (4 days) Friday cannot come soon enough. I am tempted to call and try and get the appointment moved sooner, but for now I have halted all eating and […]

List of Celebrities And Famous People with Crohn’s Disease I found this list at the site above – I did not compile it. So, I don’t know how accurate it is. I did find it interesting though. Enjoy! -Benner It is a short list, so I will just put it here too… * Alfred the Great * Anastacia, an American pop singer * […]

What is Crohn’s Disease (part III)

Crohn’s Disease Complications. The compilcations of Crohn’s Disease can fall into 3 categories: Intestinal, Extra-intestinal and Nutritional. Intestinal complications of Crohn’s disease include obstruction (blockage) and perforation of the small intestine, abscesses, fistulae, and intestinal bleeding. Massive distention or dilatation of the colon, and rupture of the intestine are potentially life–threatening complications. Both generally require […]

Could stem cells be used to cure Crohn’s Disease?

I found an extremely interesting article about a Europe-wide trial (which is currently recruiting patients) to treat Crohn’s Disease. The study will attempt to find out if stem cells taken from the sufferer’s own body can provide effective long-term remission. Aside from this being a possible cure (or at an alternative treatment), I find this […]