Information Relative to Crohn’s Disease

9 News Reporter and husband live with I.B.D.

I was surprised to see this article on (Denver) 9 News pop up on the radar this past week. It is sad to see two great people suffering from IBD, but good to see the publicity to increase awareness of the diseases. -Ben

“The Movement” has returned

“The Movement” has returned

Hi everyone, It is getting to be that time of year again… Yep, “The Movement” has returned and  it is time to Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis again!     They changed a few things with the event last year and had the event at the Denver Zoo. It turned out to be a […]

My New Favorite Site!

Boy… this idea is brilliant! Anyone who has Crohn’s, Colitis or any other digestive disorders will appreciate this site. A place to find and record bathrooms anywhere in the world. It also has downloads for the iphone and smartphones. Take a look – it uses google maps to identify the bathrooms in your areas and […]

Celgene stem cell therapy gets FDA nod for human trials (for Chron’s Disease)

I have been waiting a while to hear more about stem cell therapy for Crohn’s Disease… and boy does this intrigue me!!! My understanding is the implementation of it is “heavy duty.”  What I read indicates the patient has to undertake chemo-therapy to weaken/kill most of the immune system. (3 months chemo)  Then, the stem […]

Diying with dignity

I am saddened at the loss of such a unique individual and wish her family and friends well. While I don’t entirely agree with her approach I wanted to save this off to the side for comment. I found this reading spawned a lot of questions and insights for me. Lately I have been feeling […]

The Movement – 5/10

Hi everyone, A few years ago I let many folks know that I have Crohn’s Disease – a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation or swelling of the digestive tract. As you can imagine, this disease is not commonly talked about because of its somewhat personal nature. Since getting things under control I, […]

Euphemisms for Pooping

Once again I am up in the middle of the night with feverish dreams.  When the happen I usually get up and tinker for a little while to let my body cool down. It sucks because when this happens it usually takes my body a few hours to get tired again. Oh, the joys of […]


Sorry folks, I have been incommunicado due to the holidays and fighting the eventual  outcome of them. It seems this time of year is pretty hard on folks with Crohn’s Disease. With the holidays, increased stress, large family meals, lots of sweets… all things that are tough on a person with Crohn’s by themselves, and […]

Crohn’s Disease Part IV

Hi folks, Before I continue, I just want to re-iterate that there are some great resources out there which contain a wealth of information pertaining to Crohn’s Disease, IBD and Colitis. Some of these are where I have gathered a bit of my information. Here they are… In my last entry I […]

Do my kids have Crohn’s Disease?

Do my kids have Crohn’s Disease? I wonder this on occasion and I sure as heck hope not. Sometimes they have the usual kids illnesses which can on occasion also include diarrhea. (especially due to the drugs prescribed) During those bouts I can’t help but wonder if they too have this sneaky and disheartening disease. […]