Information Relative to Crohn’s Disease

Fecal Transplants?!?

I never thought I could be repulsed, intrigued and hopeful all at the same time like this… I stumbled across this article on Slate the other day in which they are treating some intestinal infections with fecal transplants. Yes, you read it correctly. Here is the article… gross and yet intriguing.

Cockroach Found in a Woman’s Colonoscopy

When a 52-year-old woman went to get her colon checked out, she was glad to hear that there was no signs of cancer. But it wasn’t all good news! Why? Because doctors somehow found a cockroach jammed in her transverse colon…

Know Your Body’s Quick-Cooling Spots

So – I am a big fan of Lifehacker – and came across this post. I know a few cooling tricks and also have a chillow, but thought this was quite useful information to keep as well as pass on. Enjoy the read!

Man uses remote to control his ‘bionic bottom’

A man whose bowel was damaged in a motorcycle crash has been given a bionic bottom.

Tips for sleeping with Crohn’s Night Sweats

A while back I bought a “Chillow” to insert into my pillow and I have to say that I like it a lot. It does what it is supposed to do, but it is difficult to keep it in place. (I tend to mash my pillow up when trying to get comfortable) While the Chillow […]

No downloading while you are downloading

No downloading while you are downloading

*chuckle* found this picture on

Some days…

Some days…

With Crohn’s some days you feel like this… And other days are better and you feel like this…

Take Steps 2009 Notes

Well, the Take Steps 2009 Walk was last night and a good time was had by all. We actually took pictures for a change this year. You can see them in the post below – you can also view them on picassa at I personally want to thank all of you who joined in […]

Take Steps 2009

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Google Web Elements Feed

This is a new google tool that has become available – Google Web Elements. Took 5 seconds to create a customized Crohn’s feed and then I cut and pasted the code here… easy peasy.